Waluigi Is... Pregnant? is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! season twelve.


Wario: OK, Waluigi, let's go to China!

Waluigi: Too polluted.

Wario: Hmm... what about North Korea?

Waluigi: I heard there are beautiful ladies and awesome beaches there, so let's go.

At the airport...

Waluigi: Oh boy, can't wait to go to North Korea! It sure is much prettier and nicer than South Korea. Plus, it's dark at night, so we can do our X-Men hijinks!

Wario: Oh yeah! But you're listing one of the bad features...

Waluigi: Darn it.

On the plane...

Wario: Waluigi, where's the soda?

Person sitting behind Waluigi: None of your business, pal.

Wario: D'oh!

Waluigi: YAWN! Wait, where's the rest of the X-Men? Sorry, I just spent too much time at the party last night.

Wario: You forgot them?

Waluigi: Yes.

Wario: Then should we turn back home?

Waluigi: (falls asleep)

Wario: (puts a pillow in Waluigi's shirt) Muahahaha. Now when he wakes up he'll think he is pregnant.

Waluigi: (wakes up) I'M PREGNANT?

Wario: Nope. That's a pillow in your shirt.