Waluigi's Quest has this new episode for you!


Waluigi: Hey, Wario, are you having trouble making your GameCheese game?

Wario: How the heck did you know????????????????????????????????????????

Waluigi: I have my ways, child. So anyway, what you wanna start with is create a home screen. This requires an animation to make it exciting....

(Wario just stares in awe as Waluigi finishes the basic layout for the game, and it ends up being a game similar to Super Wario Bros.)

Waluigi: So now that I have gone over the basics of a platform game, you can continue from there and make it your own.

Wario: YOU'RE A GENIUS! (hugs Waluigi)

Waluigi: Yay, I'm liked!

Wario: You're still washing the dishes