Popcornario makes a video in this episode of The Super Wario Bros. Random Show!


Scene 1Edit

Wario: Hi, Popcornario.

Popcornario: Can I film you?

Wario: SURE.

Popcornario: (gets out his camera and starts recording) This is my friend Wario shaking his BIG FAT HUGE BUTT. (Wario turns around) Doesn't his face look awesome? Some people say his quadruple chin looks like a waterfall of flab, but I don't agree.

Wario: Is there anything you need me to say?

Popcornario: Just say whatever you want, there's no script.

Wario: OK. Hi, everyone, it's me, WARIO. I is fat, and I haves about thirty thousand shows.

Popcornario burps, and Wario slaps him

Popcornario: You are fired. Not really.

Scene 2Edit