1.010 Days, No War6 X 9 = 42
A Bird Flew into the Window, it Must be a Trick!!!Aaaaaaaaa is pokemonAargh!
Angry BirdsAngry WariosBOO!!
BUUURP!Bad Grammer, Bring Bob, the DJ and the clownBarrel Buddies
Battle of the Butt-Uglies!Big TroubleBowser
Bowser DIESCandy Land!Cheese is Good For You!
Cheese is Good for Your Bones!DON'T Look at Me!Do the Wario
Donkey KongDude, Where's My Guitar?EEK! A FLY!!
Eat My (Pork) ShortsEat My Dust!Every script so far
Exclamation Mark!Fart WarsFartudinous
Fighting in a Dark, Remote AlleyFushroom!GUN GUN GUN GUN GUN!
GameCheeseGeorge Bush Drinks BeerGeorge W. Bush Strikes!
Go to McDonald'sHe's a Magical Fat Guy Flying Through the Sky!Hot Dog Contest Bros.
Hour-Long DramaI'll Punch You!I'm Allergic
I'm gonna Pee on the PiiIFart WadioINCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
IT'S A LIGHTSABER NOT A BEAM SWORDI Fall Down to the Ground: Starring Popcornario!I LOVE YOU SIR
I Once Knew a Rabbit Named BunkyIt's That Time of Year Again, or That Other TimwIt's a Good Day to be a Giant Man!
KnucklesLOL, I Just Pooped on You... What?Let's Fight!
Let's Steal a PianoLet's Take Them Down!Let's Take the Black House Down! (Part 1)
Let's Take the Black House Down! (Part 2)Let's Take the Black House Down! (Part 3)Let's Take the Black House Down Again! (Part 1)
Let's Take the Black House Down Again! (Part 2)Let's Take the Black House Down Again! (Part 3)Let's Talk Trash!
List of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! episodesLocked in the Bathroom for 17 YearsLook at Me!
Lunch with the PresidentMarioMcDonald's
Milkshake CravingMow the Lawn!Mr. Jenkins Returns!
Nim-Nom's RevengeNo, That's My Candy!No More Ham
No Visible LegsOkay, The War RestartsOn the Side of Good?
Onto the Interwebz!Pario's VisitPeach Has a Crush on Wario Which is Kinda Weird
PeePee or PooPooPickle Jr. Gets Revenge!Popcornario
Popcornario's VideoPunch Him 'til He Cries!Ready, Aim, Fire!
Ripping the Peace Treaty... War Restart!Robbing the BankRub My Nuts
ShamesShupa Wario and the giant cookie island of StuffShupa Wario and the giant cookie island of destiny
Shupa Wario and the giant cookie island of destiny IIShupa Wario and the giant cookie island of destiny IIISmallie
Sneaking into a G-Rated Movie!Sniff the FlowersSome random teacher that's also a world record holder for fastest Rubik's Cube solving who also has a photographic memory and probably has the longest name on The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show, and that show's name is pretty long anyway
Summer!!!!Super Wario ChessSuper Wario Cook-off
Super Wario PreschoolTV and MoviesTake Me to Chuck E. Cheese
Taken Down by the ManTeenage Mutant Ninja Goombas AttackThe Bleeping Day
The Fault in Our StarbucksThe Introduction to The Stooped Werie Butters Stupid SowThe Most Idiotic Episode Of Waluigi's Quest Ever
The Random KeyboardThe Stooped Werie Butters Stupid SowThe Super Wario Bros. Halloween Special
The Super Wario Bros. Halloween Special IIThe Super Wario Bros. Random Show!The Super Wario Bros. Strike Back!
The Super Wario Bros. Stupid ShowThe Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!The War Begins Wah-Wahishly
The War EndsThe War Ends AgainThe War Is Finished
The War Restarts AgainThe Wario ShowThe X-Men Get Detention
The X-Men Get Expelled From SchoolThe X-Men Go Grocery ShoppingThe X-Men Go To School
The X-Men Watch A MovieThere's Another BOMB in my NoseThere's a BOMB in my Nose
To Program a GameCheese GameTo the Death!Touch My Goombas
Tummy Tummy TummyTurbulenceUn-Wario Wiki
UnMario WikiUncle Gadget's Visit!WARIO IS SPY
Wa PhoneWaluigiWaluigi's A Dog!
Waluigi's QuestWaluigi Gets Killed by TrollsWaluigi Gets Turned Into a Soda Machine
Waluigi Is... Pregnant?Waluigi Looks at UnMario WikiWaluigi Plays ROBLOX as a Guest
Waluigi Shakes to the GrooveWaluigi Tries to Get a ComputerWaluigi is the President, OMG!: part 1
Waluigi turns into a TREEWanintendoWario
Wario's Guide to LifeWario ComicWario Defeats Alvin
Wario Finds the End of PiWario Hoops 9-on-1Wario Is Mad
Wario Shakes His BootyWario Teaches TypingWario vs. the Police
WarioismWars with Swords!Water Balloons!
We Got Yo Back!We Must Stop Little Cart!Welcome To Wario Land!
Welcome to Un-Wario WikiWheee!Who's Yo Mommy?
You're Not Tough Unless You Grow a MustacheYou Are My SunshineYou Stupid Fuddy Duddy!
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