This is the 2nd episode in The Stooped Werie Butters Stupid Sow.

Plot Edit

Popcornario tells us the advantages and disadvantages of falling down to the ground. Then, he falls down to the ground.

Script Edit

Camera fades in outside Wario's house. Popcornario appears.

Popcornario: Hello! I am Popcornario! Are you just going to fall down to the ground after watching this? But, if you really want to do it, are you concerned that you are going to get hurt? Well, fear not, as I, Popcornario, will tell you the pros and cons!

The camera points downward to the ground.

Popcornario (offscreen): Now, as you can see, the ground is full of grass. That is a pro, as grass can't hurt you. Unless, if you faceplant, that will hurt. You might get dirt on your mouth or face. That is 2 cons.

Camera goes up to face Popcornario.

Popcornario: Now, if you really are a daredevil, then you would fall on metal ground.

Fades to black. Fades in. The camera is pointing downward to the metal sidewalk.

Popcornario (offscreen): Now, falling to metal ground has a lot of cons. You'll get hurt anywhere in this ground. Faceplanting is a really bad idea. So, be careful.

Camera goes up to face Popcornario.

Popcornario: Now, I'm going to fall to the ground. Ready? OK!

Popcornario falls down to the metal ground.

Popcornario: Ow! My back!

Fade to black.