An episode of Waluigi's Quest


Wario and Waluigi are playing Super Smash Bros.

WARIO: Yay! I got a beam sword!

WALUIGI: Ugh, give us a break, Nintendo. It's a lightsaber. Changing the design of the handle, pointing the blade, and changing the colors around isn't going to fool anybody. Observe.

Waluigi goes to a series of graphs.

WALUIGI: As you can see, the basic design of a beam sword is practically identical to a lightsaber. You'll also note that the idea is the same - a controlled laser beam originating in the hilt, a classic sword-like design. As you can see in this pie chart--

WARIO: PIE!!!????

WALUIGI: Oh shut up. As I was saying, as you can see in this p-- um, circle graph--

WARIO: CIRCLE!!!??????????

WALUIGI: OH, WILL YOU BE QUIET?! As you can see in the graph--


Waluigi: UGH!!!

Waluigi hurls a brick at Wario, knocking him out.

WALUIGI: As you can see in the pie chart, 86.2% of all citizens in UnWorld were able to comfortably associate a lightsaber with a beam sword. Even the beams, or "blades" look similar - they both have a brightly colored glow around a central white "cord," though this raises the controversial question of how one could even see the cord if it's surrounded by a bright color. In conclusion, beam swords are just chaep ripoffs of lightsabers. Thank you, thank you.

Wario: Well, thanks.