Eat My Dust is the official series premiere of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Scene 1Edit

Wario: Hey, Waluigi, have you ever wondered what would happen if we had a magic keyboard?

Waluigi: (spots one) There's one.

Wario: How do you know?

Waluigi: It says Magic Keyboard on the box.

Wario: Ah! I can find that phone I've been looking for! (opens the box, presses Find, and types in Cell Phone)

Under the couch cushions start glowing

Wario: It must be under there! (looks) Yay, I found my phone!

Waluigi: My turn!

Wario: If you want it, come get it. Eat my dust! (runs out of the house)

Waluigi: (runs halfway to the door and passes out)

End of scene 1. More coming soon

Scene 2Edit

Alright, let's resume this episode.

Wario: (presses the Find button and types in Stupid Car, then replaces it with a clean bus) Yay, a new bus! Wait, didn't this bus have to come from somewhere? Oh well.

Scene 3Edit