Cheese is Good For You! is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! season four.

Season 4, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date September 26, 2003
Written by Greatlegoman29 and Matt11111
Directed by Greatlegoman29 and Matt11111
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Wario Shakes His Booty Lots of Squirrels


Scene 1Edit

The camera slides across a newly-constructed neighborhood, where in the last house of a cul-de-sac, Wario and Waluigi are watching Family Guy. Or is it Mr. Bollox's Mom Show? We don't know...

Wario (while munching popcorn): This is EPIC.

Waluigi: Did you just quote like you were some 14-year-old girl from 2014?

Wario: Wow, how did you predict the future?

Waluigi: Well, I was just talking on a whim.

Wario: Oh-fishing-kay.

Waluigi: ...What?

Wario (pulling up chalkboard): This science shows that "oh" "and kay" subtracted from fishi-

Waluigi: Wait, I know it already.

Wario: OK now. I will pull this back into the basement, so just pause the show. Oh, and it is Mr. Bollox's Mom Show.

Waluigi: OK, but- FOURTH WALL BREAK!

Wario: How do you know we're doing a show?

Waluigi: What-ever....

Wario: Want me to pull this chalkboard up again?

Waluigi: NO WAY!

Wario: OK... but do you notice we have done over 5 OK's so far? That's pretty repetitive. But whatever.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Waluigi: How do you pause this thing? *click* *click* *click*

Wario (from downstairs): D'oh, d'oh, d'oh! D'OH, I MISSED!!!

Waluigi: Well, I'm going to eject this DVD if it won't pause. *ejects* Hey... what's that? Special Message from Koopa Mafia... YOU ARE A FISH! Well, I gotta go complain to the Koopa Mafia.

Wario: OK! Well, I made it back, but I have to go-

Waluigi: Why won't the show pause?

Wario: Dude, you're watching this on Epic Random TV. So it will never pause.

Waluigi: Oh.

Wario: But what is that DVD?


Wario: I see. So let's just blend it.

Waluigi: YOU! COPYING MY FUTURISTIC PREDICTION MOVES! YOU WILL BE BUSTED! Maybe looks like the Koopa Mafia is good after all.

Wario: HEY! Y U NO WANT BLEND?! Well, I guess you are angry, and so am I. D'oh.

Dero the TV Announcer: Will Wario and Waluigi get out of this futuristic prediction-word mess, whatever you call it? Find out on The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! after the commercial break.

Waluigl: Not if you watch it on DVD! Wait, another fourth wall break... D'oh.

Scene 2Edit

The scene cuts and moves over to a downtown neighborhood, where Knuckles and Donkey Kong hang out in their early 1900s apartment building.

Knuckles: Heh, those Wario Brothers are going to get ripped off by their cheap, new house!

Donkey Kong: Why would you say that if they're our friends?

Knuckles: Well, I guess they just made a bad choice.

Donkey Kong: Of course. *Zing!* Welp, it's time for me to go off to the gym. See ya!

Meanwhile at Wario and Waluigi's neighbor's house...

Scene 3Edit

Neighbor: Oh my, I really need something for my kids to do.

Neighbor's husband: Well, good news! I found this camp online called "The Koopa Mafia Camp" where I will enroll my little Smallie in so she can have some fun with her school friends. She will be a great artist!

Neighbor: Perfect! I'll go post this on my blog.

Smallie: Hey Daddy, can I invite Jane over?

Neighbor: Hey wait a minute! I just found online that Mario owns that camp. And the average rating was negative 0.5 stars. I don't trust him anyway. Smallie, go ahead and invite Jane.

Smallie: YAY!

Scene 4Edit

Wario: I need to go to the grocery store.

Waluigi: Welp, I need to go to the gym with Donkey.

Wario: Why's that?

Waluigi: Because... Wait, didn't Greatlegoman want this script to himself?

Wario (gasping): ANOTHER FOURTH WALL BREAK? What is going on?

Waluigi: Looks like we gotta go to the doctor then and solve this psychological mystery.

Wario: Wait-- better yet, we can go to the nearby fortune teller and figure this out!

Waluigi: Fine. Let's go.

The two hop into their car and just drive off. You know the drill. Meanwhile at the neighbor's (again)...

Scene 5Edit

Neighbor: Paul... look! There was just a smudge on this screen. It says 8.5!

Paul (neighbor's husband): Oh, good. Also, your thoughts on Mario?

Neighbor: Well, he is actually a pretty loving person, you know.

Dero: Okay! As you see, the neighbors must not care...

Paul: What was that?

Neighbor: Just some voices in your head.

Paul (grunting): Hmmph...

Jane visits and knocks on the door. Meanwhile, Smallie, whose name is revealed to be Addie (or Addison long), goes up and opens the door. The two start playing.

Neighbor: So you want to sign her up for the Koopa Mafia camp? It will be great!

Paul: Sure. Now, I'll go count the money.

Meanwhile in Wario's car...

Scene 6Edit

Wario: Boring station...

Waluigi: Awesome station!

Wario: NOPE!

Waluigi: Uugghh...

Wario: Woah, woah, woah! Whatever.

Wario accidentailly plugs in his headphones at high volume, provided by Waluigi.

Wario: D'OH!!!!!!!

Waluigi: Whatever.

Meanwhile at the gym...

Scene 7Edit

Donkey Kong: I hope Wario and Waluigi didn't get frauded by the Koopa Mafia DVD!

At the psychic place...

Scene 8Edit

Fortune teller: Breathe in the spirit that this crystal ball holds.

Wario (inhaling): Cheese is good for you!

Waluigi: You've got it right.

Wario: How do you know?

Waluigi: Been going to these for about 7 years, every two months or so.

Wario: Oh.

Waluigi (sniffing): Hey, what's that fishing nasty stench?

Wario: Oh, that's the cheese I said?

Fortune teller: Now, be silent and listen. This cheese smell is only coming from me, because I am one with it.

Waluigi: Hmph?

Scene 9Edit

Gym staff member: I am writing an email to those people if they will not show up!

Donkey Kong: (comes in on the grappling hook) Welp, here I am. (Lifts all the weights at once.)

Gym staff member: Mkay, thanks for showing up.

Donkey Kong: No problem. I LOVE THE GYM! (Runs home)

Gym staff member: I quit, boss.

Boss: Mkay, I hated you anyway.

Scene 10Edit

Wario and Waluigi are in the car.

Wario: Welp, before we go to the gym, I'm going to--GOOMBA ON THE STREET! (Throws a tire at him)

Goomba: Ow.

Wario: I was going to say we would stop and get some cheese at the grocery store. But now we need to go to the tire shop and get a tire.

Waluigi: Why not just go up and get it?

Wario: Right. (Grabs the tire and puts it back on)

Waluigi: To the grocery store.

Scene 11Edit

At the checkout...

Wario: Hi. We would like all your cheese please. MORE RHYMING!

Waluigi: I just bought this TSWBWWS DVD.

Wario: FOURTH WALL BREAK! And how did you get that?

Waluigi: Magic, duh.

Wario: Well, I just ran for it. That's all.

Dero: If you want some more Wario Bros. suspense, buy the all-new DVD, The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show Season 1 Volume 1 today! Don't forget to look out for Volume 2, coming out this November!

Waluigi: What a fourth wall break. Well, let's go home and eat the cheese.

Scene 12Edit

Meanwhile at the neighbor's...

Neighbor (on phone): And so, Susan couldn't hire a babysitter, bla bla blah...

Paul: Honey, could you take our daughter and sons to Chuck E. Cheese? I'll get them in the car.

Neighbor: Hold on a second, I need to get them over.

Caller: So, I think my son... OK. *beep*

Scene 13Edit

Wario: Mmm, this cheese is good!

Waluigi: But we'll stink like cheese afterwards.

Wario: Nevermind. I have to show you some science first.

Waluigi (groaning): Augh, not another lesson.

Wario: Well, that's all in the lesson! Heh...

Waluigi goes upstairs and shuts his door.

Scene 14Edit


1 month later...

Scene 15Edit

Neighbor: OK, Smallie, now remember not to shout at your brothers.

Smallie: OK, mommy.

Twin brother #1: Hey, you wanna play some Pokemon on our Gameboys?

Twin brother #2: Sure! Lemme get it set up. You get the games out and put them in.

Twin brother #1: OK!

Meanwhile, their parents finish packing and start the car.

Whole family: We're off!

Twin brother #2: Ugh...

Back at Wario and Waluigi's house...

Scene 16Edit

Wario: Hey, I'm bored.

Waluigi: Hmm... ZING!

Wario: Wow, how did you engage in saying out cartoon sounds?

Waluigi: Whatever... this strange convulsion will just last. Maybe if we go on a cheese-only diet, that will work...

Wario: OK. So, what was the idea?

Waluigi: Um.... KAPOW! (Falls out the window)

Wario: Yeah, let's eat cheese only.

The camera then zooms out, to display a movie theater, where the screen changes to Dero speaking.

Scene 17Edit

Dero the TV Announcer: Well, that was a wonderful paradox-confusion thingy, wasn't it?

Knuckles (in theater): Of course it was. Oh, and did this look like it never happened in real life?

Donkey Kong: Well, I think this was in our life. But we must have just been watching a movie with some fitting announcements. GULP! FOURTH-WALL BREAK!

Knuckles: Hehe.

Dero: Well, that concludes today's show. Maybe. Anyway, we'll see you again in our to be continued episode, coming up next week. Stay tuned!

Knuckles (while tripping): Whoaoah!

Donkey Kong: I feel like there's something missing.

Scene 18Edit

Wario: Whoa, don't forget! EAT CHEESE!

THE END...,. Of scene 18...

Scene 19Edit

Smallie: Chuck E Cheeses is AWESOME!

Paul: I love it too! I won an Xbox One there.

Twin brother #1: Rip it, sip it, win it! I won a trip to Hawaii. For one. See you! (Hops on the plane that was right next to the car)

Twin brother #2: I won one too! (Joins his brother on the plane)

Smallie: Whoa, that was weird. What's the airplane doing next to the car?

Paul: D'oh. I forgot something about airplanes. It's on the tip of my tongue....

Smallie: Secretariat?

Paul: When did you get into horse racing?

Smallie: I..... didn't? I hate Hawaii. Too hot for me.

Paul: Aha, planes pull up by cars with twin brothers with twin prizes.

Scene 20Edit

Wario: Hey, this is supposed to be our show!

Waluigi: Ever heard of guest stars?

Wario: They aren't guest stars if they have their own completely unrelated sub-....episode? Sub scene?

Waluigi: What a mess of randomness.

Scene 21Edit

Gym boss: So what you're telling me is a mokey came, lifted all the weights, dropped them, and left on a grappling hook? (Cell phone rings)

Donkey Kong: (on the phone) I'm a gorilla.

Gym boss: Then a monkey's uncle came...

Donkey Kong: Nope, Diddy's a chimpanzee.

Gym staff member: Pretty much.

Gym boss: Mkay then. D'oh.

Gym staff member: It was pretty weird.

Gym boss: Ya think?

Scene 22Edit

Dero: So now I have no authority over when episodes end?

Wario: Nope.

Dero: This is wack, yo.

Wario: No one ever hired you to be on this show anyway. Uuuuugggghhhh, not another fourth wall break.

Waluigi: Yeah it was. Also, why are we here? I brought cheese.

Wario: We'll talk later. In a nutshell, it'll involve you, Dero, going home.

Waluigi: I got an email this morning saying some friend of mine named Ben wants 1.2 million dollars from us.

Wario: Welp, let's go home and get that money. And why have I never heard of Ben?

Waluigi: You have. (Pulls up a video camera)

Footage from the camera

Ben: Hi, Wario.

Wario: Hi. What's up?

Ben and Wario go and talk for three hours.

Back to real life

Wario: Must have had my memory wiped.

Waluigi: Yeah, by a baby wipe. Your memory is so bad.

Scene 23Edit

Smallie: Something seems wrong..... Where's Mommy?

Neighbor: I disappeared. I'm back now.

Smallie: Mommy's a magician!

Paul: Yeah, she was Momhocacadabra.

Smallie: What an awful name.

Neighbor: Yeah, it was.

Paul: I was Dadbracadinkleberg.

Smallie: Way better.

Scene 24Edit

Wario: Dero, you're fired.


Wario: What kinda scream was that?

Dero: Um.....KAPOW! (falls out the window) Like I said, kap-ow.


Wario: Right. 2+2=4. PLAGIARISM IN MATH!

Dero: Plagiarism isn't the word kapow.

Waluigi: Anyway, let's go back home. I bought a Wii U.

Wario: How? The Wii doesn't even exist yet.

Dero: Whoa, how did you guys predict the future?

Wario and Waluigi: It's called talking on a whim, silly.

Dero: Whoa, okay, but how did you buy a Wii U?

Waluigi: That's actually code for more cheese.


Scene 25Edit

Twin brother 1: Wow, Hawaii is nice. Except for the fact that we're STANDING ON A VOLCANO!

Twin brother 2: You worry too much.

Lady: Would you like a tropical soda?

Twin brother 2: Tropical soda?

Lady: It's really Coke, work with me here.

Twin brother 1: I'm going out with this lady!

Twin brother 2: NOPE! I AM.

2 hours later both brothers are getting married to the lady.

Twin brother 1: Wanna come back to the Mushroom Kingdom with us?

Lady: Sure!

Scene 26Edit

Paul, his wife, and Smallie are at home waiting for the brothers to come from Hawaii. They show up.

Paul: Hi, who's the lady.

Twin brother 1: This is Celia, our wife.

Celia: Hello.


Twin brother 2: (punches Celia)

Paul: Mkay, you're ungrounded.

Scene 27Edit

Wario and Waluigi are back at home

Wario: (plays the trumpet)

Waluigi: Whoa, where did that trumpet come from?

Wario: I dunno. (plays 100 notes really fast)

Waluigi: You seem to be really good at it.

Wario: Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing. Also, this trumpet is made of cheese. (Eats the trumpet)

Waluigi: Yummy. Wait, did you just eat the whole thing in one bite?


Coming soon!