This is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Scene 1Edit

Wario: Hey, Waluigi, I just baked some potato chips.

Waluigi: Oh, cool! Let's show the other X-Men.

In the living room.

Knuckles: What's going on, guys?

Wario: I baked some chips and put them in this big bag. Who wants some?

Donkey Kong: No offense, but you have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to cooking.

Wario: What the Friday are you talking about?

Donkey Kong: Last time you baked cookies, you accidentally made them too hot and we all exploded.

Wario: That was one time. Let it go! At least you were back in the next episode.

Bowser: True, but what about the time you made a cake? We thought it was brown because it was a chocolate cake. Turned out you burned it.

Wario: OK.... So I'll just go where no one knows how good I am, the street.

Donkey Kong: I'll try them if they get on the news.

Wario: OK.

Donkey Kong: And if they get their own chapter in history books, they cure cancer, it makes people taller, becomes popular among penguins, and a bunch of other stuff. I'll make a list.

Wario: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (asplodes) See you later. (goes to set up a chip stand)

Scene 2Edit

At the new chip stand

Wario: Where are all the dang customers?

Waluigi: This block isn't very busy.

Wario: Oh yeah?

Suddenly, an influx of people come in

Waluigi: Never mind.

Wario: Who wants to sample my chips?

Customer 1: I'll pay 50 dollars.

Wario: That'll give you.... 200 chips!

Customer 1: Wow, thanks!

Wario: Who else wants to take some for just a quarter?

Customer 2: Me! (takes 12)

Wario: That'll be 3 dollars.

The rest of the scene consists of customers taking random amounts of chips and Wario receiving lots of munny.

Scene 3Edit

A police officer comes up to Wario's chip stand

Police officer: You got a license to be selling chips here?

Wario: Yes..... No.

Police officer: You're in big trouble. The punishment is... no eating chips for a week.

Wario: Okay. No Chips. One Week

Scene 4Edit

1 week later

Wario: I got a license to be selling these chips, and I haven't eaten any.

Police officer: Good boy. You're free to go.

Wario: YAAAAY!