Bad Grammer, Bring Bob, the DJ and the clown is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! season five.


Wario: Let's start a war!

Waluigi: With D'ohbots!

Wario: Yeah!

Waluigi: But first, let me rub my new prank inedible non-exploding walnuts.

Waluigi rubs his walnuts, but explodes.

Waluigi: I now haz god gramer.

Wario: You sound like a kitten from a meme. I'm gonna faint!

Wario: FAINT!

Wario fainted. The gods above choose a new Pokemon, and his name is... Bob the Builder. Level 55.

Bob: Can we fix it?

Waluigi: Umm... what?

Wario: Let's have a party. Go home Bob.

Bob leaves

Wario: Welp, we need to bring a not-weird Bob. Like Bob Random. Bring Bob, the DJ and the clown.

Waluigi: Ok, but don't you need an Oxford comma?

Wario: A what?

Waluigi: An Oxford comma is--

Wario: (faints)

Waluigi: Oh... kaaaaaaay?

Wario: (wakes up) Sorry. It's No-Learn Monday. Can't learn anything.